Best Casino Slots Online to Play for Nigerians in 2021

Many Nigerian gamblers choose to play slots, be it online or in their local casinos. Online casino slot games are especially popular for their versatility when it comes to themes and bonus features. Moreover, online slot games are adaptable to various settings and can be accessed at any time and from any place.

The popularity of slots has led to constant innovation and the re-invention of the classic casino game. Since there are so many varying aspects, different types of slot machines also exist today. On our website, we collect and review the most popular and the best casino slots online for Nigerian gamblers.

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Types of Online Slots

The many different types of slot machines that exist in the market all have the same basic game rules. They only differ with regard to a few characteristics. These are:

Although there are many types of online slot games, only a few resonate with the players. Some of these are:

5 Reel Slots

These are perhaps the most popular video slots in online gambling establishments. They are a modern recreation of the classic penny slot. Five reel slot machines may also display a few variations. Unlike the classic 3 reels, five reel slots have more payline options and include creative and new bonus features such as expanding wilds, sticky wilds, scatter symbols, wild symbols, and free spins.

Classic Slots

Classic slot games are also known as 3 reel slots. They are the closest contemporary adaptation of the fruit machine. As the name suggests, they have 3 reels.

Usually, most of them maintain traditional horizontal paylines. However, some new-age variations may have 5 or more paylines. They often lack in bonus features. They, nevertheless, compensate this shortfall by having simple game rules and lower betting ranges.

Classic slot games often have fruit symbols which are complemented by the bar symbols that come as a single, double, or triple bar.

3D Slots

3D slots are defined by their three-dimensional graphics. The symbols or characters on the reels are rounded to simulate a three-dimensional pseudo-realistic image. This is unlike other slot games which possess 2D symbols. This type can fall into either 3-reel or 5-reel slots, the latter being the more common of the two. Betsoft software providers are synonymous with modern-day 3D slots. They have become some of the best ranking slot games in the online gambling industry.

Jackpot Slots

Online casino games that have a fixed amount of maximum payout are called jackpot slots. The amount may be won by simply aligning five symbols of the same kind, randomly during the base game, or through a special set of symbols embedded in the main game.

Progressive Slots

Progressive slot games have more than a single jackpot amount. The jackpot amount increases each time it is not won. Like jackpot slots, the maximum payout can be won through a series of combinations. Progressive slot games are usually more lucrative than jackpot slots.

When the jackpot amount is won, it is reset to the minimum amount prescribed by the game developers.

RTP Slots

RTP describes the percentage with which an online casino slot game pays out. The term is, however, theoretical and means that if a slot machine has a Return to Player rate of 96%, it will give away 96% of all stakes over the period. A high RTP means that the game allows the player to win more. Lower RTP slots, on the other hand, pay out less over the period.

RTP is expressed in percentages. It can also point to volatility within the game. Low volatility means that the slot will give less or nominal winnings but very often while high volatility shows that the winnings will be rare but very high.

Free Slots

The biggest advantage of slots online is that they can be played for fun. These types of games offer demo versions which a gambler may play without funding real cash but with fake money. Launching a demo slot, for instance, will give the player a certain amount of in-game currency. The currency may be used the same way as real money and also gets depleted. Fortunately, the player can get more free fake money the next time they launch the game.

These free online slots offer a player a great chance to sample a game before they can play for real money. They are the same version of the entire game. They still have many incredible features such as bonus spins, wild symbols, scatters, etc.

Software Providers

Nigerian casinos feature some of the best online casino slot machines in the industry. The exponential growth of the country’s gambling industry has aroused the interest of some of the top software providers in the gambling industry. Some of these are listed below.


Microgaming is one of the world’s biggest supplier of video slots. It has an extensive portfolio of slot games which feature in 7 of out 10 online casinos. The software provider offers good graphics, extensive choices, and an array of bonus features. However, the downturn to this is that the games are so common that once you have played one, it feels like you have played them all.


Unlike Microgaming, Betsoft has fewer titles to its cap. So far Betsoft has managed to develop 25 titles. The upside is that these games are unique and feel fresh when you play them. In fact, Betsoft is best known for its 3D slots, which is a big plus to their portfolio. However, players will have to search far and wide to get Betsoft titles.


Net Entertainment is another industry heavyweight. It provides superior game titles and as many as the player can manage. NetEnt ensures that gamblers can play new slots at least once a year.


Being one of the pioneers of the slot industry, Playtech has consistently proven to be one of the best software providers. Their game library is extensive and features some of the most popular titles in the industry.

In Game Bonuses

The best part about playing online slot machines is the bonuses. A player might get casino bonuses or in-game bonuses. Many slot reviews will recommend playing games with no deposit bonuses attached. A gamer may play online slots with no deposit which means without spending a dime of their own money.

Other bonuses that the games may offer include:

Slots with free spins allow the player a particular number of free games. The spins are rewarded as a casino bonus or an in-game bonus. For in-game bonuses, a player will have to land three, four or five scatter symbols to initiate the free spins round.

These symbols are often found in casino online slot machines with five or more reels. They are special symbols that give the player an advantage in ordinary play. Scatters are often used to prompt bonus features while wilds will substitute any symbol on the reels to complete winning combinations.

There are many other bonus features that a punter may encounter while playing online casino games. These are expanding wilds, sticky symbols, theme games, and gamble features.

Mobile Slots

The dynamic nature of technology has made it possible for slot machine games to be embedded in mobile devices. Many online casinos now use software that is compatible with modern-day smartphones thanks to HTML5 technology. Mobile casino online slots are adapted for the small screen and bear almost all features that would be found on a PC slot game.

In Brief

Today, a gambler can play online casino games for free. Moreover, the ability to play new casino slot online on mobile and tablets gives an opportunity to enjoy it everywhere. Also, the good thing is that casino games emerge every other day.