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  • Huge library of slots.
  • Mobile friendly.
  • Easy to embed with online casino software.
  • A complete package of tools with the games.


  • Lacks the table games.
  • Limited branded games.

First Acquaintance

With the aim to excel and produce innovative products using the latest technology, Casino Technology has operated for almost 20 years. This is the oldest name in the world of gaming. With the high-performance games, the company has bagged numerous awards. Some of them gained high appreciation from the European as well as Nigerian punters.

The company has brought new dimensions of gaming to the market of Nigeria. With more almost two decades of experience, the company proudly presents its products around the globe. They believe in delivering unique games along with the dynamic services to both operators and players. Its official site provides complete information in the English and Bulgarian languages.


  • The company began its journey in 1999 in Bulgaria. It was the first licenced gaming manufacturer in the region;
  • With more than 15 countries, it is serving its solutions in Bulgaria and other international borders successfully;
  • It got along with the online gaming market in 2012 with 40 games in the list;
  • Mega Jack video slot received numerous awards in national and international programs. The company gained the avowal in 2003 with this game only;
  • Being of a year only, it received the Best Glass Design award at G2E 1999;
  • Its online delivery tools are together known as The Big 5 Suite. It involves RHINO – Casino Management System, BUFFALO- Universal Jackpot System, Elephant- Remote Game Server, LEOPARD- Online Gaming Platform, and LION- Money Management System.

Casino Technology Casino Games

It has a vast library of more than 500 titles. They are further categorised as Hot Games, Recent Releases, Legacy and Coming Soon. Hot Games represent the most trending Casino Technology slot games from past 12 months. From slots to bingo, everything can be found in one place.

The company has launched Multigames feature to meet global needs. It involves the multigame package of 5 to 60 titles. Gamopolis is one of its acclaimed multigames followed by its other upgraded versions.

A player can enjoy Casino Technology Casino games free along with its real money mode. The availability of exciting bonuses and features attracts a lot of gamblers.

Features & Specification

The company comes up with a complete set of tools, The Big 5 Suite. This brings the products efficiently from land-based to online casinos. Using ELEPHANT, Remote Game Server, it efficiently offers its games online. Using BUFFALO, Universal Jackpot Server, a player can get connected with different jackpot groups and collection of games.

Further, The Big 5 Suite offers compiled jackpots, general e-wallet and loyalty program that could be rewarded anywhere.

Table Games

There are no such table games designed by the provider except for the electronic roulette. However, these were not available under the Roulette section. Except for this, a player gets a few varieties of Bingo which is genially relished by Nigerians as compared to other online casino games. Bingo Best, Bingo fast, Jester Bingo, and King’s Tomb Riches are the names available in the list.

Casino Technology Slots

The company embraces an extensive collection of slots that are designed with a unique and innovative approach. One can surely get the game of his/her choice and can enjoy Casino Technology slots online. Besides real money mode, Casino Technology slots free play option is also available.

Except for their classic approach, the company is ahead of the pack when it comes to innovations and graphics. In the recent past, the company presented ‘The Combo Concept’ with Tower Combo Slant Top cabinet that integrates the standard casino slot machine with online gaming terminal. There other brilliant innovations can be seen in Arch and Hot Rod slot.

You can find variously themed slot from Irish to movie-inspired, cartoons to adventure, all in one place. Some of the popular Casino Technology slot machines which RTP ranges between 94-97% are as follows:

You can play free Casino Technology slots. These are the slots with no download no registration process involved. However, you will find fewer slots under the branded category. Along with it, there are progressive jackpots available in four different formats.

Casino Technology Gambling Houses

The company gets associated with significant online gambling houses to reach out maximum audience. This casino software efficiently gets embedded with the Casino Technology software. Thanks to The Big 5 suite that offers a complete set of tools that involves payment modes, bonuses, configuration tools and so on. The software’s flexibility and easy configuration make it simple for casinos to link them with their software.

They have already set their foot in the brick-mortar gambling houses, and now they are making their games available to a large number of punters online. Additionally, most of the gambling houses have their apps. You can download the casino app and enjoy the gaming effortlessly.


With its tool named Buffalo, the jackpot linked with online as well as land-based gambling houses gets linked using SAS protocol. Further, you can get in-game bonus features that also boost up the player’s excitement.

Some of the bonuses are associated with the casinos presenting the company’s games. Some of these are as follows:

Tips & Tricks

Gambling is a game of chance; however, following some of the tricks may increase the winning chances of a player. These are as follows:

Mobile Gaming

The company has designed numerous games that are mobile friendly. The use of Flash and HTML5 technology has fostered the mobile gaming industry. Revised game layout, suitable gameplay are the company’s essential elements that are focused while designing the software for mobile. It makes them intuitive, fast and easy to navigate. Powerful graphics also refine the game. Some of its run-after mobile free slots with no download are Bombay Gems and Misty Forest that can be relished with a touch.

Stake Real Money

Except for free slot games online, you can lay odds and gamble. Further, when it comes to staking real money, company’s honesty is the first thing appears in mind. Fortunately, they have been licenced under 50 gaming jurisdictions. This makes it a reliable manufacturer. Also, it offers multiple payment options and supports various currencies. This further allows the players to stake money across the globe.

Play for Pleasure

Enjoy Casino Technology slots free, also, no download required to relish the game. Savour in Casino Technology slots for fun using Flash. It won’t be necessary to go through any registration process. Further, you can try your hands on any game without spending a penny on it.

Final Notes

Casino Technology is a manufacturer of optimum slots and other gambling games. With more than 15 years of experience, it still lacks the recognition as compared to other providers in the gaming field. This may be due to lack of appropriate marketing strategy. However, its efficient tools and exciting slots made it one of the key player in the gaming industry and bestowed its high rating.


Yes, they are designed using HTML5 technology and can be played efficiently on smartphones.

Yes, it supports BTAMOGI, Responsible Gaming Initiatives and other research and treatment organisations.

You can play casino Technology slots free online without spending real money.

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