Reviews of Best Online Casino Games in 2021: Learn and Play for Fun!

For a fact, there is a myriad of online casino games in existence and thus, pinning down the ones which would tickle your fancy and suit your pocket may be a tad bit challenging and overwhelming, more so, if you are new to the web-based gaming sector. As such, we shall delve into the various types of casino games, including those which exude compatibility with portable devices, their respective providers, and so much more.

The Categories of Online Games

Playing at an online casino in some instances is preferred to the traditional brick and mortar casinos, with the main reason being that you get to make your wager and play for real money, but excluding the noise, additional expenses (food, transport, and drinks), and the overwhelming smell of cigar smoke.

With that being said, below are the types of online casino games which you can anticipate to come across.

Slot Games

In online casinos, they function in the same manner as in brick and mortar betting parlours where you make a bet, pull a virtual lever and a number of reels begin spinning. Upon coming to a halt, the icons on them align, and various configurations of symbols lead to different prize cashouts. What is quite captivating about partaking in Internet slot machines is the astronomically high number of free spins and progressive jackpots that routinely hit and exceeds the one million mark worth of cash (US Dollars, Sterling Pounds, and Euros).

Video Poker

The goal of a video poker machine is to accumulate the strongest hand of poker possible. Upon placing your wager, you are dealt a total of 5 cards. If you delight in the look of any of them, you press buttons located underneath them to hold them, after which the computer forfeits the cards you chose not to keep and awards you with new ones which constitute your last hand. If it is a decent hand of poker, the computer cashes out at the odds which become significantly higher as the hand gets better, which means; huge for attaining a straight flush, and low for a pair.


It is a classic table machine originating from Europe. The objective involves drawing poker cards that have a face value of either 21 or as near to it as possible. Furthermore, the royal cards have a value of ten, with the Ace being worth 1 or 11. You also receive 2 cards and have the flexibility of calling for additional ones until you either make the decision to stick, or go bust. The croupier then plays by continuing to draw the cards until they either hit a mark of 17 or go bust. Lastly, it is like the best casino game online, as you receive a payout at the odds of 1:1.


It is commonly termed as the ‘Ruler of Casino Games’ and revolves around pure chance. Roulette contains a wheel constituting a multitude of numbered pockets on its inner ring, with the colours of red and black. You then wager on the number which you predict will crop up or the colour (for beginners). The dealer then gets the wheel spinning and drops a small silver ball into it which then bounces around rapidly as the wheel comes to a slow and steady halt. The slot, in which the ball rests, represents the winning digits. Hence, if it happens to align with your prediction, then you walk away as a stoked winner.


As you play for fun in an attempt to win some bankroll, you roll two dice in an attempt to hit either of the lucky numbers 11 or 7. Unfortunately, if ‘Lady Luck’ is not with you, and you end up rolling a 12, 3 or 2, then you lose the entire round. What is quite intriguing is that bets are cashed out at the odds based whether you successfully made a prediction of the roll. Hence, it is quick, fun, and requires no download.


The goal of this game is drawing a card with a face value which is as near to nine as possible. Upon drawing two cards, you sum up their value. If it is either ten or greater, then the first number is automatically disregarded. Furthermore, you play against the croupier. As is the case with craps, the winner is not based on who has the better hand. Instead, you bet on who you predict to win a round; you or the croupier. If you make an accurate guess, you walk away as a winner and receive a payout at the odds.

Top-Notch Free Casino Games in Nigeria

With more than 125 million subscribers since 2014, Nigeria indeed promises to be a great market for online casino gaming. Despite the congestion due to the emergence of lotteries, the Lagos State Lotteries Board (LSLB) continues to effectively address this issue, thereby keeping the gambling mood upbeat. The fundamental requirements to partake in casino games for free in Nigeria are a compatible computer device alongside stable network connectivity:

Nigerian players can delight in alternatives running the gamut from popular slot machines such as Alaskan Fishing and Carnaval (to mention a few), as well as variants of Blackjack, Baccarat, and Roulette. There are also progressive jackpot slots which they can enjoy. Lastly, the payment methods for Nigerian punters include Neteller, debit and credit cards.

Free Mobile Casino Games

With the advent of technology, players can delight in their favourite gameplay alternatives on their devices:

As such, some options which they can relish in entail an abundance of incredible mobile slots, for instance, Thunderstruck and Tomb Raider, table games such as Mobile Roulette and Blackjack, and so much more. The best part is that they do not require paying for apps as most of the games are free for all players. Moreover, there is no registration or download needed. Hence, this makes it immensely convenient for punters, since they can go about their daily activities as they indulge in the excitement that comes with online gaming.

The Top Software Providers of Free Casino Games

It is no secret that there is a long list of web-based gaming software firms currently on the market. It is for this reason that we have pinned down the best providers of free online casino games.

All in all, if you are seriously considering playing casino games online via the web or a portable device, then the above will indeed give you insight on what to expect, thereby permitting informed decisions. Of course, it goes without saying; you ought to be in it, to win it!