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  • Known as a leader and innovator in animation and graphics of classic casino games.
  • 3D BetSoft slots received many accolades.
  • Complete range of casino software found along with individual games.


  • Slots and games are rich in graphics that can be demanding on computer resources.
  • Its software range is not as extensive as some other brands in this category.


Betsoft as a company was founded in the year 1999. Today the brand flaunts a decade’s experience and is well established in the domain of online games. Its focus is on casino software in which case it is known to provide several titles with remarkable graphics that help provide unique gaming experiences to the players. Sought after games of this brand are many, such as Slot 3 series and 3D games.

Today this brand is considered a veteran in the gaming industry. It offers not only free BetSoft slots but also a game library that is extensive with traditional titles like craps, roulette, table games, video poker, keno, blackjack and lottery.

Being known to specialise in Slots 3 categories, there are several titles that are popular with this software provider. The visual presentation of the games is high end, and it is known for the animation and graphics technology it offers through diverse casino software. 3D animation provides realistic experiences that can rival other best brands in the same segment.

The company was formed in Cyprus. They developed Expandicon as a technology that gave their slots a different form and paved the way for a new genre of online slots to be experienced by the customers. Hence, even with a niche presence, the 3D range of video titles that they introduced helped the company to gain a distinct edge over others.

Key Features of Betsoft Are Listed Below

  • The firm, established in 1999, specialises in 3D BetSoft slots online among casino games and software;
  • Slots 3 is a line that this company specialises in;
  • It is a British based gaming software firm;
  • Its products are known for visual presentation, animation and 3D graphics;
  • Attention to detail is what is found to be characteristic of Betsoft games.

The Popularity of Different Titles of Betsoft

The firm is known to offer different BetSoft casino games free, its range of slots being larger than other gaming software. There are different titles here that are well known such as Video Lots, Tropezia, Casino Luck, Next Casino and others.

Niche area that this firm focuses on is the animation and high-end 3D technology as found in most BetSoft casino games. A slot with 3 lines includes 3D animated category and helps provide a surreal experience for the players. Betsoft is known to offer their software to a long line of casino portals. Most titles are found at reputed casinos where players can try them for free or wager real money on them by registering for an account on these sites.

Table Games

The traditional table games and their different variants can also be found with this brand such as:


In this category BetSoft slots free play has a vast offering; 3D animation offers character as well as personality to a long line of slots such as:

These are some of the titles that are popular of this brand as you play BetSoft slots free online. The 3D animation and other graphics effects create an immersive experience for the players. Many include wonderful storylines and graphics with a candy feel which intrigue and interest gamblers at different international sites such as Nigerians casino.

Other Games

Besides BetSoft slots for fun and traditional table titles, there is a whole range of latest online entertainment software that this company provides. These include 3D horse race simulation titles and multiplayer bingo. Portals that host these titles and software have them running smoothly on a base platform that ensures full control of all operations and features for the players.

Where to Try Out Betsoft Titles?

There are several casinos that have BetSoft software on their line of offerings. Even if the company is not a large name compared to other brands, their technology savvy software draws in many gamblers and players. You will find a host of their titles at reputed websites such as Vegas365 Casino, Golden 10 Casino and 7Red.

Bonuses Provided

Most of the titles, especially BetSoft slot machines that are part of this brand’s offerings, comprise of 5 reels and payout lines from 20 to 30. Slot3 series comprises of several bonus games and special features that come up on second screens to provide different bonuses and cash awards as online casino software. Progressive jackpots are a feature offered by most players at the different titles for fun. Jackpot achievable limit is; however, lower than what is found at other casinos. Greedy Goblins incorporates the highest jackpot among the provider’s titles as per the rating.

Try BetSoft on Mobile and Free Play

Device compatibility is another positive feature of this brand’s portfolio of software. These are designed to be compatible with mobile devices, Mac and Windows PCs as online casino games. The slots are designed of instant play mode. Mobile ToGo is a line of Slots3 series that was designed by this company in 2012. These are optimised for running on iOS devices as well as on Blackberry or Android tablets or smartphones.

Games play on mobile browsers and apps instantly and usually do not require a separate download. Most of the casinos support different languages and offer a trial of the slots no download no registration.

Top Slots of BetSoft to Try in Real Money Mode

BetSoft slot games worth trying from this brand are several, but three titles are top of the line here. These titles can be found in downloadable or instant play mode at different casinos. One can play these titles for free or wager real money at different casino sites by registering for a customer account with valid details and making a deposit. Thus, you will be able to withdraw your winnings.

Closing Note

Gameplay is interesting and varied of the different BetSoft casino slots that this company provides which remains the mainstay of their offerings. Many players have large jackpot figures spinning the reels of these games. The software company is also known for their reliable performance though they do take up considerable processing power and memory space of computers. However, their range of mobile offerings makes it possible for a player to enjoy their titles on mobile devices easily. All BetSoft products are backed by impressive audio and state-of-the-art graphics.


The company is known to offer casino games of a different variety, many as free slots no download. However, their speciality lies in Slot3 games, many of which come with a 3D definition. Standard titles at casino portals like European Roulette and American Blackjack are also known for providing reliable payouts.

Though wins are never a guarantee with casino gambling, there are steps that you can take to ensure that you do not end up losing what you wager at the different games. Most of the slots offer medium to high RTP to ensure that payouts are fair as well as offer top bonuses or jackpot wins. As most of this company’s offerings are found at registered casinos, it is best to gamble at such venues to see fair chances of wins.

Betsoft is similar to NetEnt in terms of gaming, storyline and graphics for casino software. NetEnt is a more established name in this category whereas BetSoft’s offerings are more niches.

The company is a well-trusted name, and it is regulated and authorised by respective gaming and casino approval boards. These are tested and ensured to follow the random number generator principle to ensure fair and random outcomes in the games.

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