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  • The software company immediately showcases how many GameArt slots online are available, how many are on mobile and what games are being planned to release.
  • It has an easy to understand website, categorising all aspects of the free GameArt slots correctly and give quick access to get to.
  • It focuses a lot on artwork and the visual side of their GameArt slot machines, making them aesthetically pleasing.
  • GameArt has established many partnerships that have created a good network of contacts.


  • Limited in the games they have, with all of them being slots instead of any other types.
  • Currently no information on any specific calculations or number information released on the site. Apart from the RTP.

What Is GameArt?

GameArt software is one of the most well-known software providers in the online gambling industry. Aiming to become the leading provider in high-quality gaming with enhanced visual and the latest in graphical technology. Operating in multiple languages, GameArt slots make sure that its games are given the complete package and are accessible to as many people as possible. Keeping things relatively simple is another factor that helps keep GameArt casino games easy to learn for faster turnarounds and increased efficiency. Maximising ROI and minimising costs is their objective in delivering the best customer experience with added value.

Features of GameArt

Why Is GameArt So Popular?

The company may have started out small, but thanks to incredible strategies and willing cooperation, it has been able to grow into a steady and powerful contender in the online gambling industry for all international countries, including Nigerian casinos. The connections they have developed and maintained have provided plenty of opportunities for them. Not to mention the advertising is done very well. They even have an entire promotional video about them, showcasing who they and what they are about. This video has reached hundreds of views on YouTube already, getting its brand out there to social media consumers.

Features and Unique Aspects of GameArt Games

One of the most immediate things you will notice about the GameArt slots will be how incredibly detailed they are. Almost every single one is packed to the brim with extraordinary colour and artistic designs. A good example of this is 4 Symbols. This game revolves around four distinctive looking creatures, each with a completely memorable design and impressionable look. Not only this, but they implement these clever graphics into their gameplay elements. Their new game, Joan of Arc, has specialised symbols and bonus games that use heightened graphics to bring the game to life. Whenever the player scores a bonus slot, Joan will swing her sword with a dazzling gleam.

Are There Any Table Games?

As of yet, the software company has currently made no table games and has only focused purely on online slot machines. Even the 12 projects that have been set to be released this year are currently all slots. However, with their growing popularity and continued business practise, they may have the potential to branch out into different genres of casino titles.

Most Popular Slots

As mentioned before, GameArt is all about creating aesthetically pleasing slots and integrating them into exciting gameplay. Magic dragon is among the most beautiful with amazing opportunities to win. There are 243 play lines and symbols that represent the magical lions. These lions come in all the colours of the rainbow and can give out different bonuses.

Another great example of this kind of slot is King of Monkeys. So popular that it even was made a sequel, this slot machine is based on the ancient monkey god from Chinese mythology. Although it has relatively simple bonuses such as basic Wilds and Scatters, the way the symbols pop out and the way they are designed have really resonated with players. It gives off a charming and mystical vibe that only GameArt games can provide.

Where to Play GameArt Games?

Due to their partnerships, rating and numerous licences, the software company has been able to secure positions with many casinos online. It has distribution agreements that have especially helped with this. There are hundreds of casinos available, including those who were voted best casinos of 2017. Most casino sites bring great benefits to their players and are happy to support software providers of all sizes.


Gaining access to the many famous casinos online can offer customers an entire range of benefits and bonuses when registering with them. Thanks to the license agreements that the software company wields, all of these casinos that offer these bonuses are made sure to be fairly attainable. Many gambling houses offer a great bonus scheme of 100% increase up to 200.00EUR or reward a very expensive bonus scheme, ranging from 50% to 150% of up to £1,000.

How to Succeed?

The GameArt casino software is relatively easy to understand and play to get the jackpot or multiple jackpots. They use bonus mechanics such as the Wild substitutes and the Scatters that give the bonus prizes or special spins. The key is to understand the artistic symbols used in each of these games. This is especially important for those that have far more play lines like Magic Dragon with 243. Understanding how these different icons work is the key to figuring out which one is best to aim for according to your playstyle. As with the games themselves, it always lies in the design. So, play the free slot games online to check it by yourself.

GameArt Mobile Versions

As always, most of the online casino games produced by this company are completely compatible with all mobile apps. This includes Windows, Apple and Android. To help figure out which GameArt casino slots are which, the website itself has a helpful category selection that shows all of its mobile online casino software in one segment and the app you can play on.

Play GameArt Real Money Versions

With the casinos it provides for, it is through these that players can register and sign up so that can bet real money into GameArt slot games. Thanks to the licenses such as the Malta Gaming Authority and Curacao, these casinos will ensure fair payment and financially secure transaction. It’s important to note that different casinos may use different payment methods.

Slots No Download No Registration

Play GameArt slots free online to gain practise and to gain a better understanding. All of them can be played directly from the website to access GameArt slots for fun. These are all GameArt slots free demo versions where no real money needs to be used, just select player demo underneath the game and get started. These are free slots no download.

Parting Thought

GameArt slot machines are impressive for a classic company that didn’t even exist five years ago. Through its sheer tenacity and carefully rehearsed strategies, this software provider has grown from a small company to a larger and powerful contender within the online casino industry. They have chosen to play it safe for now by establishing many partnerships. However, it won’t be long until they have enough influence to become the best leading provider.


The company has been a part of many live gaming events, but recently they were able to score win at the Migea iGaming. They won the Migea iGaming Excellence Award 2018.

Underneath the website’s information pages, in the small box at the bottom is the “Data Protection Policy”. It is here that any of the customers can look over the entire policy and legal agreements that ensure all data is encrypted and protected.

The contacts page can be directly accessed from the website. It is here you can gain the enquires e-mail. This will take you to GameArt’s customer support where you can ask any questions about their policies or any other specifics. This adapts to numerous languages, including Nigeria for Nigerians.

The website has an entire section named the careers page. Here you can view a list of job opportunities where you can send your direct job applications.

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