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  • Fugaso has plenty of experience within the gaming industry. Particularly online gaming.
  • They have developed specialised Fugaso slots that can be implemented and integrated into most platforms.
  • The software company has developed the connection to big-name software providers that offer strategies to grow further.


  • They were only established back in 2017. A very young company so far for Fugaso slots online.
  • The brand itself isn’t very well known even with the connection to the larger brands.

What is Fugaso?

Fugaso casino games is a hit new casino software provider whose employees have gained invaluable experience with years of dedication. While relatively young, Fugaso slot games have a set mind of providing their customers with the biggest quality of games with efficient security and safeguarding policies. They focus on purely forward thinking, using the latest technology to create innovative Fugaso slot machines that explore new ways of rewarding players. They perform extensive research into the specifics of what players want, allowing them to prioritise their efforts towards the most successful Fugaso slots free. For example, many of their products include a more realistic feel as they believe players want to be more immersed into the slot machines they are playing on.

Features of Fugaso

Why Are Fugaso Games Popular?

As mentioned before, Fugaso casino slots have created a vast network of connections with other big branded casino companies, including Nigerians. These are along the line of award-winning software providers such as NetEnt or Microgaming. The connections are still being made to this day, with the most recent ones being with Alea’s Board of Operations and the casino brand promoter, Invicta Networks N.V.

Not to mention, that as a small company, it has plenty of room for growth. While the collection of table games is small, there is plenty of opportunities to branch out into this category to develop a more creative version of classic casino games. The products they already have are exceptionally made with fresh new ideas and creative design choices.

Distinguished Features of Fugaso Games

The casino software developed by Fugaso are all based on niche ideas and themes. Many of them exploring new identities based around mythologies, dark fables or gritty sci-fi action. Evil Genotype is a gory, zombie slot based around surviving the horde in an overrun research lab. Gates of Hell is a biblical story set around fighting the demonic army from Hell. In terms of mechanics, many of them include progressive jackpots and more advanced way of jackpot winning. Grand Sumo includes specialised video reels of various sizes, giving the player more chances to earn pay-outs with unique symbols as well as free Fugaso slots.

Are There Any Table Games?

In the last few months, the software company has released around six table games that have been added to their gaming roster. These titles are all spread through the different genres of table entertainment. Only Blackjack and Roulette are available at first, but future projects for titles like poker are already in development. The blackjack games come in single deck versions or the Trump It versions. The brands come in regular or the elusive Neon aesthetic. The Roulette wheels come in regular Lucky Spin European or the Neon version also.

Most Popular Slots

When it comes to the slot machines, the software company has an entire range of over 50 slot machines to choose from. Each of them has their own unique styles and exclusive features.

The most popular slot games are in the featured section of the games page. Wild Rodeo is among their most favoured with a range of bonuses and a specialised six reels to win prizes on. Another good example is Gates of Hell. This is 4×4 reel slot, with specially chosen symbols that can reap lots of benefits when used correctly. This encourages strategic playstyles from its customers.

Where to Play Fugaso Games?

Thanks to the help of their partners and their connections, the software company has accumulated an ever-growing support network of casinos that their titles are being played in. There are over 15 casinos that the software company provides for, with more of them flocking with the company’s expansions.


The best casinos that help Fugaso software are the ones that can provide great benefit packages to the players that will tap into their work. The best bonus deals that are included are the most recent partnerships that Fugaso has established. As part of its welcome package, players can gain from 100% to 200% welcome bonus with 50 free spins thrown in. Other also exist with free spins that can be between 5 to 50 available upon registering. Others also include chances to gain access to their loyalty programs or special prizes.

Tips and Tricks

Because Fugaso’s online casino software are built differently and designed with new features not found in most casinos online, they require a bit more thinking outside of the box to win awards. Many old strategies of simply aiming for the Wilds or Scatters may not work when you have titles like Wild Rodeo or Gates of Hell that have differently built reels. It is best to try play many of the provider’s online casino games to get used to this new approach to online slot machines and adapt to the new rules laid before you. Even classic strategies like aiming for the bonus mini-rounds can still apply as long you quick to learn the rules of these titles and their RTP.

Fugaso on Mobile

Because Fugaso is a technology-driven company, they have adapted all of their titles to be completely compatible with mobile devices. This includes both Apple and Android, as well as tablets, smartphones and basic desktop browsers.

Play Fugaso Games for Real Money

Simply register online with any of the 18 casinos that the software company is registered with to start playing the titles for real money. You can follow their payment methods including credit or debit cards and bank transfers. It’s important to note that different casinos allow different payment methods. You can also play the free slot games online.

Slots No Download No Registration

Play Fugaso slots free online directly from the website or browser app. Fugaso slots free play are all demo version apps that use a set amount of virtual money and doesn’t use any of the player’s real bank accounts. Use these to gain practice to the new set of games via free slots no download.

Closing Note

Fugaso stands for “Future Gaming Solutions”. This is a company that wants to be different. To bask in the new modern way of thinking and work towards revolutionising the online gambling industry. This is seen in their bizarrely built slots as well as their approach towards forming close bonds with their own competitors. Whatever their means, the software company has a lot of heart and passion into what they do and it’s highly commendable.


There is a contacts page on their website which contains a helpful message box. Simply drop your name, email address and the message you want to write and send it off. There is also their own email address shown where you can send them a message later through another service.

Below the bottom half of their website is a link to all of their various social media. They have a Facebook, a YouTube channel, a LinkedIn account and even a LiveInternet Forum.

Currently, the company has yet to reach out on a larger scale, so they can only support some European countries and the UK itself. This means that their games can be available in GBP and EUR.

It is a Russian based casino website with their exact location currently unknown to the general public. Their website is available in both the Russian and English languages.

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